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Poem: “butterflies and dragonflies” by lynn mac donald

butterflies and dragonflies I saw butterflies and dragonflies sailing in the wind, some had smiles and the others had grins the rhythm of their wings were beating out of time but still they flew in a colourful straight line the humming their wings made as they landed down had me wondering of angels and their […]

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Poem – Northumberland County

Northumberland County Northumberland County there’s a River Its waters run deep and wide The many tributaries that feed it Where friendly people do abide Fish its waters at your leisure I am sure that you’ll agree If you leave it will be with memories Of time you’ve spent on the Miramichi Boat tours, landmarks, and […]

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“Whatever Inspires” Poem by Andrew Scott

Whatever Inspires Just do whatever inspires today, chase to the gold at the end of the rainbow, do not let your heart sway. Explore the lining in every fray, tunnel to discover where it does go, just do whatever inspires today. Ride your own gliding sleigh, through what you thought was status quo, do not… Continue Reading

Poem: Father And Son

Father & Son My Dad was a living example Of the way a man ought to be. I hope one day my kids see A little of my Dad in me. I want to be a living example Of the way we ought to live. Just like my Dad before me, I want to be… Continue Reading

Poem: Fall Run

Fall Run The rivers still run Through my mind As one violent force: Mira; Margoree; Miramichi; St. Mary’s; Mersey- When the days became short and cold And Septembers’ rain made the rivers rise, The Salmon began their Fall Run. Before sunrise my mother crept Into my room, Shook my shoulders and whispered- “Get ready”. My… Continue Reading

Trenches – A Poem

  Trenches When I look out in the night, I see stars as bright as a flame, on the muddy, bloody ground, all I see is the bloodshed of millions. And in the fields, the body of thousands. Every day is the same, wishing I leave, wishing I die. Every night the passion of millions… Continue Reading

Joseph, A Poem by Elizabeth Copeland

Joseph Busy at his workbench, long form stooped, eyes narrowed, he sands the damaged wood. A child’s rocking chair, dark rich walnut intricately carved with care, long years ago for the daughter whose birth stopped her mother’s life; that child now grown and gone and who cares where. Why this sunny morning? Why this need… Continue Reading

A Poem, Sentinel

Sentinel He stands like a sentinel, profound devotion So deeply embedded in his heart He would perish before abandoning The one to whom his soul is forever bound. His keen gaze unwavering, he scans the horizon Watching, waiting, steadfast in his vigil… Time has no meaning for him But a lonely ache grows with every… Continue Reading

A Poem, Displaced

Displaced I used to wander along the shore, gathering seashells… whimsical treasures left behind by the ebbing tide. And if I was lucky I’d chance upon mermaid’s tears poking out of the sand like sparkling gems! I’d stuff my pockets with Neptune’s gifts and climb the ancient cement steps of the lighthouse thinking its comforting… Continue Reading