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Pegine’s Motivational Times

Give Yourself a Gift by Pegine Echevarria Your talents, intellect, wisdom and innovation are gifts. The power to achieve and take action towards your goals lies in your thoughts about yourself, your future and where you want to go. Mix in the truth that you have to BELIEVE the following: 1- You deserve whatever you… Continue Reading

Pegine’s Motivational Times

Be Bold – Have Faith by Pegine Echevarria To be BOLD you have to have faith: In your abilities In your purpose That you receive what you desire That you are favored Faith is built on experiences, perception of self and optimism about your future. Faith is driven by what you tell yourself about yourself.… Continue Reading

Pegine’s Motivational Times — Mentoring Matters

The Post-Gazette.com ran an article on Monday, October 19, 2009 by Ralph Bangs and Larry E. Davis called “Mentoring programs can build diversity in management”. The article said mentoring is the #1 strategy for people to succeed. I agree, being mentored is critical in all areas and stages of our lives. There are different kinds… Continue Reading

Game On

Pegine’s Motivational Times by Pegine Echevarria Plan, action and results. Each and every day you read or hear about the power of plans. You think about your plans, and the organizational plans. You look at your to do sheets, squash the fires within your teams and make the calls you need to make, then you… Continue Reading

Your Independence

Pegine’s Motivational Times by Pegine Echevarria I’ve got the power. It is a great day when you realize that you have the power to change your life, your perceptions of the world and your willingness to decide to succeed, no matter what. It is shedding the layer of thoughts, ideas and perceptions that has held… Continue Reading

Planting the Right Seeds

Pegine’s Motivational Times by Pegine Echevarria There is a quote that millions of people hear all over the world, “You reap what you sow.” The interesting thing about that quote is that most people are not farmers, therefore the process of sowing is an art that many are not familiar with. Many, many moons ago… Continue Reading

Pegine's Motivational Times

100% Responsible There is a lot of talk these days about responsibility. Finger pointing at others for the conditions that we are experiencing. The truth is that we, you and I, have to take 100% responsibility for the condition that we are in. I’m talking about what is happening in your world, mind, home, job,… Continue Reading

MYPIE Goes to the Summit

The network of Miramichi Young Professionals and Involved Entrepreneurs (MYPIE) hosted an interactive supper workshop entitled “The Summit Experience” at the Boulevard Pub in January. Over 55 people from all sectors registered for the event featuring guest speaker Paula Morand with the goal of learning how to change their attitudes to reach their altitude! Paula… Continue Reading

You Are Terrific!

Pegine’s Motivational Times by Pegine Echevarria Thank you so much for being terrific! Without you I can’t do what I do. I’m so thankful that you implement the techniques taught and that you are willing to see yourself and your potential. Thank you for being focused on your growth. When was the last time someone… Continue Reading