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Mother and Child

Originally written for my mother on the occasion of her 50th birthday in 2000. A mother and her first born share a unique bond formed early in the child’s life and strengthened through time. From the day of birth ignorance is an overwhelming challenge struggles happen daily and victories are small and mostly silent. It’s… Continue Reading

Grammie’s Back

Grammie’s Back by Kellie Underhill When I was a kid I would often go and stay all night or even a week at my grandparent’s house in Gray Rapids. This was my exotic summer vacation on the farm. The kitchen seemed really big to me then, though it must have only seemed that way because… Continue Reading

Mom’s Last Visit to the Dentist

By Pauline Underhill One Saturday night in early July 2004 I went over to stay with Mom and Dad. It was a beautiful summer evening and I remember how bad I felt having to spend it inside instead of home on the deck (just a little of the guilt I feel now). Anyway, for about… Continue Reading

A Poem — She is …

She is … Caring & compassionate. Generous & giving. There in a heartbeat. No questions asked. Strong & powerful. Influential & admired. Best advice given … with or without words. Creative & imaginative. Storyteller & secret keeper. True friend to all who are blessed to know her. Baker & doughnut fryer. Cook & cake maker.… Continue Reading

Lessons My Mother Taught Me

by Stacy Underhill “Never put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this growing up, and it still rings true to me today. Some nights when I’m tempted to leave the sink full of dishes or leave a project incomplete and say, “I’ll finish that… Continue Reading

Dorothea — A Poem for Mother’s Day

Dorothea Her voice was musical and alive, each sentence ended with a smile. Her laugh contagious, I grin at the memory and chuckle at the thought. No birthday, anniversary or holiday forgotten, always a visit, card or telephone call. Surrounded by family at her insistence on any and every occasion. She made sure you ate… Continue Reading

Amana Memories — A Poem

Amana Memories She reads in midnight whispers to my now calmed infant sister mesmerized by mother’s voice. Seated in the kitchen, silhouetted in the glow of an open oven door reflected in her face, as she scoots over slightly, invites me to hop up, huddle in closest to the heat. I listen to her story… Continue Reading

My Mother — A Poem

This is a poem in honour of my mom for your Mother’s Day issue. My mother passed away in ’84 but I still have many fond memories of her. She was a school teacher and taught in many rural schools in the Miramichi. MY MOTHER She was quiet, but fun, She enjoyed a good laugh… Continue Reading

A Poem – Letter to Mom

Letter to Mom Hi Mom, its me again Just wanted to stay in touch Let you know how much you’re missed And I love you very much! You loved me through my blunders, Lord knows I made a few! But no matter how I messed things up I could always count on you! You instilled… Continue Reading

A Poem – Mother’s Promise

Mother’s Promise I will ever take the lead Bearing the torch that lights your way Through lifes winding path. And should the winds of uncertainty Distinguish the flame, I will take your hand in mine And lead you through the darkness! You will never walk alone, This, my precious child, is a promise… And a… Continue Reading