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Hair Club for Sons

by Bill Levine “What’s wrong with your hair? It’s all sticking up,” my nonagenarian dad impolitely enquires from his living room recliner; this non sequitur interrupting a conversation on the Red Sox and the number of my Bar Mitzvah guests still living. “Nothing’s wrong,” I say, stretching the truth a little, since actually my bald… Continue Reading

A Poem by Paula Grattan

Because of you You nurtured me from day one You loved me before that Wiped away tears when I was sad Bandaged cuts when I was hurt Shown me how to be me How to love what I have Encouraged my uprisings Supported my downfalls Because of you I value family Because of you I… Continue Reading

My Dad

by Sherry Sturgeon My first crush was on my dad. I thought he was the strongest, funniest, most hard working man around. Sure, he was stern at times when I was growing up. And yes, there were days I would almost be afraid of him and any punishment I might be due; but as quick… Continue Reading

A Poem by Debbie Bongiovanni

Thank You Dad Thank you Dad, For everything you’ve done, Thank you Dad, From your daughter and your son. Thank you Dad, For just being there, Thank you Dad, For showing that you care. Thank you Dad, For showing us the way, Thank you Dad, For working hard each day. Thank you Dad, You’re the… Continue Reading

A Poem by Janet Lilethia Harvey

Papa I’ve dreamt of coming face flushed eyes starry bright — but I dread coming home empty handed. The thought twists my nerves to threads many years my soul aches to see you again. This dreamland — illusion from across the shores only the waves of the ocean knew the secrets, if we had just… Continue Reading

My Father’s Birth into Eternity

by Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland My father left this world with a grace he rarely exhibited when living. Oh, I’m not talking about how it was for him after the stroke, as he lay on a hospital bed for days on end, with all manner of tubes sticking out of his body. That was not graceful. Nor… Continue Reading

A Poem by Patricia Anne McGoldrick

Glory Days In Schomberg Dad worked the farm hours long and hard from the days of Clydesdales and shocking the wheat by hand to harvesting corn and oats with huge green yellow-lettered John Deere combines following line after line in the fields of our farm. At the end of a day he was tired. But… Continue Reading

A Poem by Anna Sturgeon

Dad You are my dad You make me glad I am your child You are so silly Mom gives you wet willys And sometimes we go wild We have lots of fun Under the sun You make me smile You say, “It’s time to leave” I say, “Can we stay please?” You say, “For a… Continue Reading

Call for Father’s Day Submissions

Father’s Day is coming right up on June 17th and Bread ‘n Molasses is gearing up to explore our relationships with those special men in our lives —fathers! Have you written a short piece of fiction that celebrates fatherhood or perhaps explores the complex relationship between a father and child? Or maybe you have some… Continue Reading