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Book Review: “Boss Gibson: Lumber King of New Brunswick” by David Sullivan

One cannot read a history of New Brunswick without coming across the name Alexander Gibson, or “Boss” as he was affectionately called by his family, friends and employees. So it was that after reading several different books on New Brunswick, I decided to see if anyone had published a book about the man.

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The New World

By Heinz Mayershofer I was born the first of January, 1930 when my new world awaited me. In Europe, the consequences of a last war followed by inflation, no work and a deep depression affected everyone and our family was no exception. We lived in Bad Homburg, Germany famous for the healing power of its… Continue Reading

Book Review: “Travels with Farley” by Claire Mowat

Memoirs can be great fun to read, or they can be boringly self-indulgent. It all depends on the memoirist. In Claire Mowat’s Travels with Farley (2015 Pottersfield Press), we have a surprisingly candid, friendly and concise memoirist as the late Canadian author Farley Mowat’s wife takes us through a whirlwind tour of their years together from 1969 to about 1976, shortly after they left Newfoundland and to the time they … Read more…

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12 Days of Christmas Submissions Call!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And we want to hear from you! This year we want to get back into our annual tradition of the 12 Days of Christmas at Bread ‘n Molasses! So send us your holiday memories, short stories (fiction or non-fiction), poems, series of photographs or other artwork, short… Continue Reading

Mémère Pitre: Emilienne

Mémère Pitre: Emilienne by Charline Cormier-Pellerin Born in 1921, my grandmother Emilienne (nee: Leger) Pitre loved Bingo and sleeping in, but not her name. When my older cousin wanted to name her youngest baby girl in her honour, my grandmother asked her not to, so instead, they settled on the name Emilie. Four years later, in… Continue Reading

Slab Town Memoir

Slab Town Memoir by Terrence Huntington Slab Town was my home until 1948 when I was nine years old. It was the village straddling the original Lily Lake Road where Lily Lake Road began its run under the train bridge and out of Campbellton, New Brunswick on its way to Lily Lake. The road also led… Continue Reading

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas …

Lying to Santa by Sara Princiotta The annual childhood stress started shortly after Remembrance Day, when we went to the Christmas party my dad’s Union threw for all the employees’ kids. There was a magic show put on by a local amateur magician, unlimited free doughnuts and pop, and then a few hundred kids would… Continue Reading

On the Tenth Day of Christmas …

The French Harp by Glenda Barrett You know how sometimes a special moment happens, and inside your heart you know it will always be with you. One of those moments happened at my grandmother’s house one Christmas day several years ago. In order for you, the reader to fully understand this moment, it will be necessary for me… Continue Reading