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Environmental Art / Landscape Management Course

Creating Natural Structures for the Garden This two day workshop at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College is for people who want to learn about the creation of garden items from natural materials. It is an opportunity to learn how to lead groups in creating natural garden structures using living willow. The Instructor: Deb Hart, a… Continue Reading

Die-hards Only at First Swap Meet

by Peter James The rain came thick and fast the night before the first Swap Meet on May 2nd at Girvan Road, the same site as the annual Green Festival. The local roads reverted to swamps, but all this could not dampen the sheer determination of a few locals to hold the first Swap Meet… Continue Reading


Geraniums By Judy Bowman                                                                                                              When I think about geraniums, what hits me first is the smell. The scent strikes your senses in exactly the same way that biting into tin foil does. The next thing is memory. My other mother, Christine, grew geraniums, bright red, saucy ones and African violets, exotic succulents with fur. From… Continue Reading

Fishing and an Experience of the Heart

Fishing and an Experience of the Heart                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 by Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe The rain stayed and stayed, it ran in little rivulets down the side of the windows, taking dust and debris as it went. When the showers stopped everything looked so fresh, smelled so wonderful, the greens so bright that it was difficult to stay angry… Continue Reading

My Father

My Father By Charlene Daley He stood almost six feet tall and weighed well over 200 pounds. He had a ruddy complexion and  kind eyes. I could confide in my father about anything. When I was little and there were forest fires he would kneel with me as I prayed asking our heavenly Father for… Continue Reading