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Poem by Myrna Beth Lambert

Dream Catcher, Dream Catcher Dream catcher, dream catcher, catch my dark and spooky dreams. Trap the bad ones in your web Of woven wood and feathered streams. Dream catcher I believe in you As did the Indians long ago I know there’s magic in your circle. Through the center good dreams flow. As you hang… Continue Reading

On the Sixth Day of Christmas …

The Best Present of All By Myrna Beth Lambert Our Sunday school Christmas project for children ages six and seven years old was to draw a picture of what Christmas meant to each of them. They were to bring the picture to school the following week so that we could display them on the board. Several… Continue Reading

On the First Day of Christmas …

Our Special Christmas Guest By Myrna Beth Lambert The funniest Christmas ever was the Christmas of 1947. I was six years old and filled with the magic of the holidays. The aroma of freshly baked cookies filled the house, as did the smell of fresh pines from our beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Christmas Eve, my two… Continue Reading

A Poem – Songs from my Mother

by Myrna Beth Lambert Songs from my Mother You were an engaging, gentle songbird, a nightingale equal to no other. Your magical fingers played the keyboard, as you sang songs taught by your Mother. Heartrending music enveloped the room. with lyrics that brought forth tears and chills of children dying and soldiers missing. Glowing visions… Continue Reading

1st Day of Christmas: My Dancing Snowman

My Dancing Snowman By Myrna Beth Lambert I have celebrated many special Christmas holidays, but I will always remember the Christmas of 1946. I was seven years old and it was my last year of childhood innocence, although I didn’t know it at the time. I believed in Santa, the tooth fairy and magical, dancing… Continue Reading