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11th Day of Christmas: Christmas Kitty

Christmas Kitty By Jacinta “Oh, Daddy, please let me keep the kitty,” cried four year old Jessica Wells. Her father answered firmly, “Pipe down, Jess. You know we can’t afford this kitten.” He drove up to a subdivision entrance and dropped the kitten off, leaving quickly. Trying to get Jess to stop crying, Daddy told… Continue Reading

7th Day of Christmas: Angel Robe

Angel Robe By Jacinta “Momma,” yelled five year old Sebrina, as she rushed through the door. “I’m gonna be an angel.” Then she giggled, “I mean an angel, in the Christmas play. Mrs. Kathy chose me. It is the specialist part in the whole play.” “Most special,” corrected her mother, Audrey. “Do you have to… Continue Reading