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Beautiful Canada, Beautiful Changes

By Cindy Rule My definition of beauty changed when we moved to Miramichi in 2006. Up until then most of my life had been spent on the west coast of Canada surrounded by giant trees and grand mountains, and the Pacific Ocean was a close friend. I was so used to scenery on a large… Continue Reading

The Tradition of Change

By Cindy Rule A couple years ago I wrote an article for Bread ‘n Molasses about a tradition in our family. Some of you may recall the story of my daughter, her Canada Day dress and a picture. For those of you who are not familiar with the tale, Sorcha was given a dress decked… Continue Reading

This One is for Maxx

By Cindy Rule Imagine this:  It’s a cold winter morning and as you pull into your parking spot behind the shop where you work, your mind is full of worries about things that haven’t happened and guilt over things that have. You open the back door, stomp the snow off your boots and as you… Continue Reading

2nd Day of Christmas: Christmas Tuning

Christmas Tuning By Cindy Rule Last Christmas season, about a week or so before the big day, while my daughter Sorcha was eating dinner and I was washing dishes, we started talking about Christmas songs I’m not a big fan of.  The list is many and my reasons lengthy, but what it boils down to… Continue Reading