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Slab Town Memoir

Slab Town Memoir by Terrence Huntington Slab Town was my home until 1948 when I was nine years old. It was the village straddling the original Lily Lake Road where Lily Lake Road began its run under the train bridge and out of Campbellton, New Brunswick on its way to Lily Lake. The road also led… Continue Reading

On the Tenth Day of Christmas …

The French Harp by Glenda Barrett You know how sometimes a special moment happens, and inside your heart you know it will always be with you. One of those moments happened at my grandmother’s house one Christmas day several years ago. In order for you, the reader to fully understand this moment, it will be necessary for me… Continue Reading

On the Seventh Day of Christmas …

The grown-up in me says Christmas is all about the family and sharing. But the child in me says it’s all about the magic and believing in the spirit of giving. They seem pretty balanced in my opinion, so I offer up this photo that sums up Christmas.   Monica de Moss is a member… Continue Reading

Peace & Love, A Poem by Paula Grattan

Peace & Love Anger surrounds me Frustration too so clear Indifference, Indifference Drowning in Indifference Why don’t they care? Shouldn’t they care? I do, I do Will you care with me? Friend come with me Hold my hand We’ll walk through a field Look at the beauty around us Friend come with me Hold my… Continue Reading

The Paper Cup Diaries

by Paula Grattan Yesterday, as I sat in the shadows of a grand oak tree, I noticed a crushed paper cup twisting in the wind, partnered with dirt and dust swirling in a mini tornado across the walkway. watched it from afar, wondering where that paper cup had been, whose lips it had touched, whose… Continue Reading

Exciting New Season for Symphony New Brunswick

Symphony New Brunswick (SNB) is growing and taking on a new look for the 2012-2013 season. The subscription brochure, which came out recently, reflects the changing approach to how the Symphony wants to serve the Province and their patrons. “This season, we are expanding to five main Bravo series concerts and Michael Newnham, our Music… Continue Reading

Tea with Mrs. Park

by Rhonda Herrington Bulmer We had been visiting there for a couple of hours, Mom, my sister, my brother and I. Mom had brought us next door to chat with Mrs. Park. I stared out her picture window in the front room and saw that it was sunny and warm and there wasn’t much wind—an… Continue Reading

Blackville Childhood Memories

by Pat Fournier Dedicated with love to my big sister, Katherine, who led many of our childhood games, and thus helped create these memories. Remember … As I look back on the life I’ve lived through to this point in time, Fondest memories are of my childhood, and they are treasures in my mind. And… Continue Reading

A Poem by Debbie Bongiovanni

Thank You Dad Thank you Dad, For everything you’ve done, Thank you Dad, From your daughter and your son. Thank you Dad, For just being there, Thank you Dad, For showing that you care. Thank you Dad, For showing us the way, Thank you Dad, For working hard each day. Thank you Dad, You’re the… Continue Reading

A Poem by Janet Lilethia Harvey

Papa I’ve dreamt of coming face flushed eyes starry bright — but I dread coming home empty handed. The thought twists my nerves to threads many years my soul aches to see you again. This dreamland — illusion from across the shores only the waves of the ocean knew the secrets, if we had just… Continue Reading