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Shadow Puppetry Exhibit at Fredericton Region Museum

Miguelina Izaguirre, a local artist, has applied and been recruited by the Fredericton Region Museum to provide interactive programming in its exhibit space, starting on Canada Day. Miguelina has been a Fredericton resident for several years now and has recently started up her own theatre company, Peekaboo Shadows Theatre, with the help of her husband,… Continue Reading

A Poem, Sentinel

Sentinel He stands like a sentinel, profound devotion So deeply embedded in his heart He would perish before abandoning The one to whom his soul is forever bound. His keen gaze unwavering, he scans the horizon Watching, waiting, steadfast in his vigil… Time has no meaning for him But a lonely ache grows with every… Continue Reading

A Poem, Displaced

Displaced I used to wander along the shore, gathering seashells… whimsical treasures left behind by the ebbing tide. And if I was lucky I’d chance upon mermaid’s tears poking out of the sand like sparkling gems! I’d stuff my pockets with Neptune’s gifts and climb the ancient cement steps of the lighthouse thinking its comforting… Continue Reading

Poem by Myrna Beth Lambert

Dream Catcher, Dream Catcher Dream catcher, dream catcher, catch my dark and spooky dreams. Trap the bad ones in your web Of woven wood and feathered streams. Dream catcher I believe in you As did the Indians long ago I know there’s magic in your circle. Through the center good dreams flow. As you hang… Continue Reading

A Poem by Annabel Sheila

Matilda the Nearsighted Frog She searched the pond for her one true love But the water was murky and deep Tadpoles and minnows taunted her While from lily pad to lily pad she leaped! Matilda was a quite homely frog Huge warts all over the place To make things worse she had very bad eyes… Continue Reading

Celebrating National Poetry Month 2013!

LAUNDRY DAY We sat at the picnic table across the road for lunch– partridge berry jam with buttery scones tea hot with a bit of milk bakeapple pies with melt-in-your mouth pastry. Over there at the white sided house with the green roof, five pairs of denim jeans dark and lean blew in the wind… Continue Reading

The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet debuts in Sackville

Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is coming to Sackville – with a twist. The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, will be playing April 11-13 at Tantramar Regional High School in Sackville, NB. The production is a joint partnership between Moncton-based Hubcity Theatre and Tantramar Regional High school. “The show’s… Continue Reading