Steeves 250 theme goes Global

July 22 -29, 2016
July 22 -29, 2016

This July the Steeves family is hosting a week-long festival to commemorate the 250th Anniversary of Henrich and Regina Steeves arriving in Monkton, Nova Scotia (Moncton, NB) with their seven sons; Jacob, John, Christian, Frederick, Henry, Lewis and Matthias. This party is going to stretch from Moncton to Hillsborough and be the staging site to connect thousands of people who share DNA; regardless of last name. Seven sons fathered 71 children planting the seeds to the family tree that is now estimated to boast upwards of 300,000 descendants from around the globe.

This July we will be attracting thousands of attendees from all corners of the world. Whether it is from the romantic lands of Rome and Paris, the California coast, or urban centres like Chicago, registrations are pouring in. Delegates worldwide are making travel plans and Greater Moncton can expect an influx of visitors.

The Signature Event will be a cultural experience that takes the audience for a walk through the past 250 years.

“We are thrilled to have Marshall Button, Moncton’s Capital Theatre Artist in Residence, involved to direct a world class production. This history lesson will be the most entertaining any of us have ever had, it will definitely beat history class,” says Event Chairman, Gary Steeves.

The Signature Event will take place on Saturday, July 23rd at the Moncton Coliseum and will include the Guinness World Record Break attempt. The record being sought is the most people with the same last name in the same place at the same time. “Although the world record is part of the signature event, the event has something for everyone and will be entertaining no matter what your last name is,” says PR Chair Kerry Rakuson.

Organizers are excited to “welcome” everyone home this summer and want to ask all Greater Monctonians not to miss the opportunity to participate in this celebration. The Steeves cousins are inviting family and friends to join in the party. In the coming weeks the Steeves 250 planning committee will be announcing a detailed event schedule. For information on getting involved in this festival go to