Record-setting Sold-out run of “The Sound of Music” a Huge Moncton Success!

soundmusic The Capitol Theatre, in partnership with the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra’s Tutta Musica is proud to announce that The Sound of Music co-production was a resounding success with the community.

Over 6,000 people attended the beautiful Capitol Theatre to enjoy what is being described by many as “a Broadway-quality musical”.

Sue Murray wrote: “Breathtaking, enthralling, superb … I was so very proud to see a performance of such outstanding calibre in Moncton. Our Sound of Music could more than hold its own on the professional stages of Toronto, Vancouver and yes, even New York.”

We are proud to have employed over 75 people, including actors, technicians, musicians and production crew, from costume seamstresses to set designers. Save for a few professional actors who live out-of-province (but are originally from the Maritimes), everyone involved were from right here in Southeastern New Brunswick.

Director Marshall Button said that he was overwhelmed by the great comments that were sent his way. He said: “A lot of people felt joy in this shared experience, as well as pride that little old Moncton could pull something like this together.”

While organizers are not in a position to make an announcement about a future production, Button added that “we certainly feel encouraged to consider doing something like this again in the future.”