NB-France Production Unveils Its Cast

lacadie L’Acadie, un pays qui se ra-conte” (Acadie tells her story), an important New Brunswick-France production, will be presented all over France in 2016. Showcasing the talents of 13 Acadian artists, the production will bring together music, storytelling and dance showcasing Acadian culture and traditions. The performances will be accompanied by an important visual support thanks to an ingenious video set design, using LED panel technology.

The selected artists are Marie-Andrée Gaudet, Christine Gollan, Izabelle Ouellet, Maggie Savoie, Dominique Breau, Christien Belliveau, Jason Guérette, Dillon Robicheau, Nicolas Basque, Julien Breau, Kaylee Arsenault, Christiane Thériault, and Mylène Comeau.

The production of the show as well as the coordination of the project is led by Moncton Productions KLEF’s François Émond. The creative team is formed by Artistic Director, Jac Gautreau and the other François Émond is the Musical Director. Tony Gaudet will be the tour manager and the costumes are conceived by André Roy and Amélie Colette. The images are provided by Jonah Haché and Jac Gautreau. Christian KIT Goguen is the Stage Direction consultant. Hailing from the French side, Gilles Hoareau is the light director, Édouard Lionet will take care of the video presentations and Sébastien Quiertant is the sound engineer. The tour in France is presented in partnership with French company VB Productions.

This 90 dates tour will be presented in two periods of time starting February 25th to March 24th. The second touring period will take place at the end of the year, from October 15th to December 18th. The first show will be presented in Maure, Brittany. Rehearsals are to take place in Moncton from February 2-10.

Following Acadie’s participation at the last Festival Interceltique de Lorient, in August, Productions KLEF and VB Productions have signed an agreement to produce this theme show showcasing the vitality of Acadian culture. Year after year, important financial benefits have been generated from the Province’s participation to this international event, by the way of the project “Expérience Acadie” during the professional component of the Festival.

During the 2015 edition, the professional component that took place during this international event allowed the creation of this great production which will not only generate important financial benefits, but it will also create jobs for many NB artists and stage professionals. Furthermore, the 90 representations of this production will be a great showcase for New Brunswick and the Acadian community in France.