Fredericton Reading Series “odd sundays” January 17th

Fredericton’s longest-running, semi-monthly, perpetually-hyphenated, poetry-and-more, reading series “odd sundays” sticks out its head from its year end/ year beginning cave, and offers an afternoon of … that is, they have a … well okay, you’ll just have to come and experience what they have on offer for you on Sunday, January 17th, 2 pm, at the Corked Wine Bar, 83 Regent Street.

The guests will be from St. Thomas University. They go by the name, “The Uprisers”. Members are Blair Webber, Tyler Lifford, Brianna Parker, Victoria Vee, Anthony Bryan, and their professor, Andrew Titus. This is a spoken word poetry collective, which draws its inspiration from the likes of Shane Koyzscan and Sarah Kay, and is dedicated to spreading the poetic word to willing and unwilling ears alike! Audience members should come ready to be dealt a powerful, sometimes quiet/ sometimes boisterous, raucous and reflective deck of poetry served hot.

An Open Mic session and book draw will follow as per usual.