Gordon Lightfoot Endorses NB Musician’s Song

Gordon Lightfoot
Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot has endorsed a tribute music video and song written and performed by New Brunswick songwriter Don Coleman.

The song “Gordon” not only pays homage to Lightfoot with tongue in cheek lyrics and references to Lightfoot lyrics and some of his favourite pastimes when he was a young man in Orillia, but also touches on famous recording artists that have recorded Gordon Lightfoot songs over the decades. Don sent the song and music video to Lightfoot and was honoured when he received a handwritten letter back less than 24 hours later.

“A fine job, well done,” Lightfoot wrote. ” Many thanks.”

All proceeds from the sale of the song and video will be donated to MusiCounts, Canada’s music education charity. MusiCounts’ mission is to ensure all children in Canada, regardless of socio-economic circumstances or cultural background, have access to music. MusiCounts provides grants to school and community based music programs, scholarships and an annual Teacher of the Year Award. Since the Program’s establishment in 1997, over $6,000,000 has been awarded through MusiCounts’ programs, impacting 286 post-secondary music program graduates and an estimated 520,000 students, their schools and communities, from coast to coast.

For more information about MusiCounts visit their website www.musicounts.ca

To buy the song “Gordon” or to purchase the two disc CD/DVD edition, visit Don’s online store at www.doncolemanmusic.com


About Don Coleman:

Don Coleman (Photo by Megan McKinley)
Don Coleman (Photo by Megan McKinley)

Don Coleman is a songwriter whose original compositions have been broadcast on radio stations in 126 countries. He has been recognized on the official website of the iconic rock group AC/DC for his song paying homage to their original singer Bon Scott, and Don’s YouTube videos are approaching 700,000 views.

Don is also known for his song “Note For Note” (in memory of Jeff Healey, the blind Canadian blues and jazz legend), which received radio airplay on the “House of Blues” radio hour with host Dan Aykroyd of Blues Brothers fame. He has been interviewed by CBC and CTV television networks and interviewed on numerous commercial radio stations in Canada, the USA and Australia. Don’s original compositions have been acknowledged in writing by President Bill Clinton, Prince William and Katherine Middleton.

Don’s numerous charitable initiatives, which contributed 100% of the revenue created, have raised funds for The Canadian Cancer Society, The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, The Friends of The Moncton Hospital Foundation, Moncton Headstart and many others.

To support his latest initiative for MusiCounts purchase “Gordon” from iTunes and buy the two disc CD/DVD edition online at www.doncolemanmusic.com.