NB Summer Music Festival 1700 Taft Stradivari

Nikki Chooi, NB Summer Music Festival
Nikki Chooi, NB Summer Music Festival

NB Summer Music Festival proudly presents a violin valued at $5 million.

This violin belonged to Antonio Stradivari’s “Golden Period.” It was once possessed by Mrs. Charles Phelps Taft, a member of a legendary family that closely associated with music history. After the death of the Tafts, the violin was sold to several private collectors.

Currently the provenance of the valuable 1700 Taft Stradivari violin is the Canada Council for the Arts. Nikki Chooi, as the winner of the Canada Council Musical Instrument Bank Competition, becomes the owner of this violin for the moment. Nikki told CBC News that the violin had a bright sound and helped him to increase his bow speed because it required less pressure to be applied on the strings.

As one of the principle violinists of NB Summer Music Festival, Nikki will perform from August 21st to 24th with this 1700 Taft Stradivari violin.

Advanced tickets are on sale. You can get tickets for the individual Main Series Concerts, or Platinum All-Events Passes for the whole series. Special Family ticket pricing is available for each concert – a great way to expose your kids to classical music. Please note there is a limited number of platinum passes available. All-event Platiimun passes allow you to get into all events at an over all discounted price.

Tickets or passes can be purchased at the NB Summer Music Festival office, 9 Bailey Drive, Centre for Musical Arts, Memorial Hall, UNB Fredericton, Westminister Books, or buy online with PayPal at the NB Summer Music Festival website.

For more information call (506)458-7836. Watch the website for updates on guest stars and schedules!

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