A Poem, Sentinel

dog2 Sentinel

He stands like a sentinel, profound devotion
So deeply embedded in his heart
He would perish before abandoning
The one to whom his soul is forever bound.

His keen gaze unwavering, he scans the horizon
Watching, waiting, steadfast in his vigil…
Time has no meaning for him
But a lonely ache grows with every passing moment…

He has waited for him a thousand times before
But the longing is always the same
And there is no respite from the anxiety
Until he sees at last that familiar face.

His ears alert, he listens to every sound
From the symphony of the sparrows at the feeder
To the rustle of leaves neath the emerald clad trees
Where he stands like a soldier on guard.

Soon a familiar sound, like the beat of his heart…
The steady pace of sneakered feet
On asphalt still cool in the early dawn…
His master returns!

Joyously he bounds up and down
His welcoming barks breaking the silence
As a human voice soothes his mind…
“Hey, boy, did you miss me?”

–Annabel Sheila, Moncton NB