Artist Janine Boudreau at the Capitol Art Gallery

Art by Janine Boudreau.
Art by Janine Boudreau.

The public is invited to the opening of the art exhibit Langage d’amour (Language of Love) by painter Janine Boudreau in the Capitol Theatre Irving Lobby on Wednesday, May 1st, at 5 pm. This Beresford painter offers her vision of love in this exhibit.

Painting is more than a simple hobby for Janine Boudreau. It’s more of a need for this self-taught artist. She says that creation is at the centre of her life and it’s a way to escape. “I forget everything when I paint, it’s like travelling,” she says.

Janine Boudreau imposes no limits when it comes to her artistic creativity. She paints with the brush, the spatula and even with her hands. Her work starts off realistic but takes a new dimension once she lets her imagination and creativity take over. The artist, who has been painting for over 30 years, adds, “I paint what is around me and I exaggerate certain features, adding character. It’s a real source of pleasure for me.”

With the exhibit Langage d’amour, the artist speaks of all types of love, through various characters, whether it be self-love, love for others, passion, love of art or nature. “Love is important. When you have love, you have everything,” adds the artist.

Boudreau offers painting courses to children and adults in her Jani-Art Gallery in Beresford, New Brunswick. She encourages creativity in her students and enjoys sharing her passion for art.

The art exhibit by Janine Boudreau will open on May 1st and be shown at the Capitol Art Gallery in the Irving Lobby of the Capitol Theatre at 811 Main Street in Moncton until June 28, 2013. Entrance is free of charge.