Chaleur Camera Club Annual Juried Exhibition in Dalhousie

Two Canoes, photographer: Michael Levesque. Click to enlarge.

The members of the Chaleur Camera Club invite everyone to join them at the Dalhousie Centennial Library for their Annual Juried Exhibition!

The Exhibition is open to the public until November 2nd during regular library hours. Call (506)684-7370 for more details.

While visiting the exhibition enter your name for a chance to win a framed print of last year’s “Best in Show” image. And make sure to vote for your favourites! At the end of the exhibition on November 2nd, they will announce the winner of the door prize and the People’s Choice.

Michael Levesque is one of the many photographers taking part in the exhibition. He is an amateur fine art and landscape photographer from Dalhousie, NB. Although Michael dabbles in colour, he is mostly drawn to black and white. He feels black and white extracts the essential and is all about light, tone, gradation and composition.

A number of Michael’s photos are featured in the documentary Last Shift: the Story of a Mill Town. To see more of Michael’s work visit his Zenfolio site.

Sunset, photographer: Anne Babin. Click to enlarge.

Another photographer taking part in the exhibition is Anne Babin. Anne is an amateur Dalhousie photographer who has exhibited there regularly since 2004. She produces both colour and black and white work and does most of her own printing.

Anne’s subjects range from familiar and beloved local scenes to abstract and minimalist compositions that arise from her interest in visual design.

Monica de Moss has been exploring the art of photography since 2007. Although she had her first camera at the age of 17 and knew she enjoyed taking pictures, it wasn’t until Monica retired from the Canadian Forces that she began to study pictures in detail.

Halcyon Days, photographer: Monica de Moss. Click to enlarge.

“There are so many styles to try, but at the end of the day, there are always just a few that really appeal and stick with me,” she says.

Monica prefers to capture intimate lighting and focus on the atmosphere of the image rather than the subject itself.

“Art is subjective. While I may create an image that speaks to me, not everyone will get it or agree.”

Monica has sold her photography to collectors across the Maritimes and as far west as Alberta.

“Photography never goes out of style and it never grows old,” she says. “I hope to learn something new every day and keep improving my technique and evolve my style.”

You can see more of Monica’s work by visiting her Flickr site.

To truly appreciate the beauty and craft of these photographers’ work you must see the photos in person. To see more work from these photographers and many others, make sure to drop by the Dalhousie Centennial Library before the Annual Juried Exhibition ends on November 2nd.

Here are a few more photographs you will see on display:

Christmas Cactus, photographer: Monica de Moss. Click to enlarge.
Antinouri, photographer: Anne Babin. Click to enlarge.
Sunrise, photographer: Anne Babin. Click to enlarge.
Encountering Sails, photographer: Michael Levesque. Click to enlarge.
Last Shift, photographer: Michael Levesque. Click to enlarge.