Bliss Carman Play and Film to be Presented in Fredericton

“Bliss Carman- Divine Force of Nature” by Tony Merzetti.

The short film Bliss Carman- Divine Force of Nature by Tony Merzetti and the play Bliss by Maria Bourgeois will be presented at the Provincial Archives from October 17-20 beginning at 7:30 pm. Admission is $10 for adults and $7 for students. Tickets are available at the door. Not appropriate for young children. The Provincial Archives are located at 23 Dineen Drive on the University of New Brunswick campus in Fredericton.

About the Play:  Bliss by Maria Bourgeois
For over 30 years of his life Bliss Carman was involved with Mary Perry King, a married woman and former actress. Speculation flew: was she a lover, friend, artistic collaborator, or patron? As rumoured, did she also interfere with his artistic development, his personal life, and even his funeral arrangements? Hear the story of their relationship, and artistic and other collaborations as seen through Mary’s eyes.

About the Film:  Bliss Carman- Divine Force of Nature by Tony Merzetti
Fredericton poet Bliss Carman contemplates a major regret in his life, the 15 year separation from his cousin and best friend, Charles GD Roberts. Carman, the author of  Low Tide on Grand Pre and other celebrated books of verse becomes dependent on the patronage of Mary Perry King and her husband Dr. Morris King, which leads to a change in the course of his writing, and ultimately to a schism between the poets.