Pascal Lejeune Releases Third Album

Pascal Lejeune’s third CD dropped yesterday, July 10th, 2012.

Acadian singer songwriter Pascal Lejeune is releasing his third CD, Le bruit des machines. Highly anticipated on the francophone music scene and definitely more rock than its predecessors, this third album shows an important musical turning point for this artist from Pointe-Verte in northern NB.

The album was released in stores and on iTunes on Tuesday, July 10 by Distributions Plages. (

An official release event will take place tonight, July 11 at 5 pm at Moncton’s Plan b (212, St. George Street). Pascal will perform a few tracks from his new record accompanied by his band. The entrance is free.

Le bruit des machines
The public already has had a taste of what Le bruit des machines has to offer with the release of title-track as a first single last month. Co-produced by Pascal Lejeune and fellow Acadian singer songwriter Joseph Edgar, Le bruit des machines is high in energy, drawing its influences in 70’s garage rock.

“I wanted to play something that moved and shaked a little bit more than what I’ve done before. I’ve always loved playing rock ‘n roll and I wanted to have fun with this, to get my electric guitars out and play with a band,” explains Pascal. “This record is definitely the most adventurous of the three. It’s the type of album you want to listen to in your car, on a road trip!”

One can clearly hear the rock influence on the tracks “33 jours et 33 nuits”, “Orage mécanique” and “Bang Bang”. “Mon bébé”, “ma Cadillac” and “Stone comme une roche” are a little bit more country whereas “J’embraie pu” is more blues rock. Pascal, however, remains true to himself with his well crafted lyrics such as “En attendant le bonheur” and “Jusqu’au dernier Je t’aime”. This last track is performed acoustically on the album.

The musicians accompanying Pascal on this album as well as on tour for the past year are his longtime friend and musical accomplice, John Boulay (acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, voice); Nicolas Boudreau (bass, voice); Denis Hachey (keys, voice); and Luc Roy (drums). We can also hear the voice of Joseph Edgar on a few tracks.

The album was recorded at the studio Belivo in Grand-Barachois, NB, in April. The sound engineering was done by Jocelyn “Joe” Gagné, mixing by Ryan Batistuzzi and mastering by Marc Thériault (Le Lab mastering). The cover was designed by Branch Graphic Design who was inspired by drawings of the “Continuous Cloth Pressing Machine” invented by Ernst Gessner (1859-1897). Le bruit des machines is a production of Carol Doucet.

Pascal Lejeune. Photo by Jocelyne Vautour.

Pascal Lejeune
Pascal Lejeune’s singer songwriter abilities have made him one of the most interesting Acadian artists on the francophone music scene. He has two albums to his credit: Le commun des bordels (2007) and Adélaïde (2009). Accompanied by four musicians, his show may be more classic-rock oriented, however Pascal’s wits and humour are still very much present.

Accompanied by four musicians, Pascal Lejeune’s shows are dynamic and full of rock n’ roll energy! He remains true to himself with his strong lyrics, lively wits and refreshing humour. Even when he’s on stage as part of a duo or a trio, he always delivers concerts that are both laid back and lively.

In the summer of 2012, Pascal Lejeune will be presenting many shows. He has just arrived from a European tour in Switzerland and France. He will soon cross the ocean again for the Lorient Interceltic Festival, in August, during which he will perform as part of the programming and in the Pavillon de l’Acadie (August 3-11). He will also be in Moncton at the Mosaïque Festival on July 20, the Festival acadien de Caraquet on August 13 and at the Festival Acadie Rock in Moncton on August 17.