Franglish Event Happening Friday in Moncton

Mary Beth Carty

Moncton’s plan b will be hosting its second Franglish evening, on Friday, April 27 at 9 pm with the ladies of Les Hay Babies, from Moncton and neo-trad artist, Mary Beth Carty, from Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

Entrance is $6 at the door.

The Franglish show features one Anglophone and one Francophone artist or band who will perform songs from their own repertoire, as well as songs in the other language.

Mary Beth Carty

Formerly know as one half of the duo Bette & Wallet, Mary Beth Carty is back on the stage as a solo artist.

Looping ethereal vocal beats and driving dance tunes on accordion, Mary Beth Carty, is a one-woman show that takes us to the far eastern hemispheres of the heart.

With a collection of small instruments, a notebook of multilingual dreams, and a good pair of stompin’ boots, she beckons us towards the mystical roads of Galicia, inviting New Orleans and Tibet into her voice to make the journey ever more interesting.

Les Hay Babies

A desire to tame technology and mix it with tradition has inspired an eclectic collection of songs that this multi-talented artist is eager to share.

For more information visit her website

Les Hay Babies

Les Hay Babies’ Vivianne, Katrine and Julie intertwine their voices and their accents to perform their own spin of indie-folk.

Even if their voice could make you shiver, their lyrics and their stories will warm you up just like hot apple cider.

As musicians, they write the songs they want to hear. As three friends with different musical styles, they complement each other perfectly, bringing the listener into a comfortable and nostalgic place.

Listen or download their music at