Struts-Putts: Call for Participating Artists

At the convergence of interactive kinetic sculpture and leisure time, a project awaits.

This summer, it is hoped that five like-minded artists, or groups of collectively minded individuals, will construct one challenge each, for an installation in late July, to be set up at Strut’s Gallery in Sackville, NB.

Using the experiences that we all have enjoyed at miniature golf emporiums, we welcome an evolved challenge: to take the ordinary mini-putt and make it extraordinary. This exercise has been done successfully in several other art centres, bringing in a broad spectrum of the community to share the experience and fun.

Each hole/challenge should have a footprint that could possibly result in a hole-in-one at the hands of a virtuoso putter, but would most likely encompass several attempts. The overall footprint should not be greater than 4 x 12 feet for each challenge.

Each should be as aesthetically wondrous as it is functional.

Funding for materials and honorariums is now being investigated. Be assured that financial rewards will not be great, but if you count the currency of delightful laughter, unbounded praise and community involvement then you will be well paid. Astro turf will be provided.

As you read this, the community is being sourced for materials of unusual shapes, strident forms and articles of whimsy. Should you presently possess materials that match this definition, we welcome them.

Join a project that will grow to legendary proportions! If you are interested in participating in this endeavour, Please contact: Peter Manchester at (506)546-0946 or email