My Woodland Adventure

Wintry woodland walk

My Woodland Adventure
by Lura Somers

It was a sunny afternoon in January, for the sun had decided to come out and it poured down from the sky. One could feel the warmth of its rays on your back. It gave the world around a promise of the spring to come.

The glistening snow hurt my eyes and made them water. The birds were singing a happy song as they flitted from tree to tree, happy for the reprieve from the cold, blustering winter weather.

I made my way along the heavily wooded trail, lined with snow laden pines, spruces and fir trees. I could imagine each one bowing and smiling a welcome as my skies went swish, swish, swish with every move on the soft white snow.

I enjoyed the peaceful, yet serene forest so much with its majesty. It seemed to speak of the greatness of the creator, who indeed must have a true appreciation of beauty to make something so breathtaking.

With these thoughts running through my mind, I pushed forward along the familiar route that I had travelled so often in the past several weeks. As I continued along the curves and dipped down over the tiny hills and gullies, my heart began to pump as the adrenalin rushed through my body. How exhilarating!

I was climbing deeper and deeper into the forested hills now, and enjoying every minute of it! As I pumped and sweated up the hills, I noticed some fresh tracks of where squirrels had scurried away, a rabbit trail here and there, even a beaten down path where the white tailed deer had crossed over my path on several occasions.

Then, just as I was approaching the top of a small summit, my eye caught a slight movement off to the left, under some low hanging bushes. Immediately, I froze in my movement. I nearly stopped breathing! There was a quiet hush. The birds stopped singing … then the slight movement again.

I stood like a statue, frozen in my tracks! Stealthily, a coyote stepped directly in front of me! Its paws poised on a protruding bush and it looked directly at me. Its yellow eyes searched for danger. Its fur of yellowish brown shining and the white patches under its neck and chest glistening in the bright sunshine.

It stopped for but a few seconds, then briskly jumped on the top of the next hill and kept on its way. I let my breath out slowly. I’m positive the animals and the birds perched in the surrounding trees could hear my heart pounding in my chest. My legs felt like jelly.

I took a deep breath and continued my trek through the woods. The sun seemed even brighter and the birds sang a cheerier song. As I turned toward home, my heart was rejoicing and thankful that God had allowed me to glimpse one of His magnificent creatures in the wild.

Lura Somers lives in Halcomb, NB. She was born and raised on the Miramichi River and has lived there most of her life. Lura lived in Ontario for close to 10 years but she and her husband returned to the Miramichi to retire four years ago. They have five children and lots of grandchildren. Lura enjoys writing poetry and short stories. She also enjoys snowshoeing and cross courntry skiing. This story is a true experience which took place on an afternoon ski trip in the property behind her home.