Wind in the Sky – A Poem

Photo by Ian Britton.


In the chill of November,
The beauty of May,
Be it city or forest, she finds her way.
Hear the dawn’s hush in winter,
See the moon in her eyes,
Her map the Aurora, or as the crow flies.
The cold air blows gentle as she brushes the lie
From a wilderness crying, its wisdom denied.
The great oak remembers the strength of her kind
She listens and follows the wind in the sky.

Her hair streaked with silver
Flows thick down her back
Each strand tells a story of glory and lack.
Of laughter and sorrow,
Of love here, then gone
A life richly woven, a full-throated song.
She sings of the babies she’s caught, that survived.
She keens with the night wind for those that have died.
And she prays as she runs as the moon rises high
She listens and follows the wind in the sky.

The shadows they fall away
Fall away dancing,
Her heartbeat says fly away, fly on the owl’s wing.
Be one with the pulse
Of the wandering deer
The birch tree births memory, her vision comes clear.
‘I carry the blood of the old ones’ says she,
To the towering forest,the depths of the sea,
And a lone star streaks homeward as the whippoorwill cries
‘I listen and follow the wind in the sky’

Today you may see her
In the rise of the sun
The halls of the city, a life’s work well done.
Let the dark night embrace you
And you will see her face
In all creatures, all nations, the whole human race.
‘Rejoice sons and daughters like a child in the spring
As the mystery deepens the universe sings
I am here now within you and as night draws nigh
Just listen and follow … the wind in the sky.

— Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland, Miramichi NB

Elizabeth Copeland is a professional performing artist, speaker and arts educator with over thirty years experience working internationally.  Her written work has been published in various publications including So to Speak, Vitality Magazine and The Lorelei Signal. She recently moved to the Miramichi with her husband Glenn and two cats.  She is thrilled to find herself in such a beautiful, hospitable area.