The Adventures of Jimmy the Cat

Jimmy settles in with Kathy's other feline friends.

by Katherine Tapley-Milton

Kathy was looking for another cat, so she went to the Animal House at Mount Allison University and there she saw Jimmy.

He was a lanky, orange tabby with a beautiful maple wood pattern on him. Before anyone knew it Jimmy jumped up on Kathy’s husband’s back. Kathy and Dave couldn’t just couldn’t bear to leave Jimmy there, so he came home with them to meet Rosa, Merlin, Sir Lancelot, and Caddy.

At first the other cats growled at Jimmy, especially Rosa. However, soon Rosa and Jimmy were playing the “rug game”. Rosa hid under a small rug and Jimmy pounced on her. In turn Rosa growled and pounced on Jimmy when he was under the rug. Rosa sounded fierce, like a big dog growling.

However, getting back to Jimmy. He loves it when grandma comes to visit. She sweeps the dirt into one place and Jimmy lies down in the middle of it. Grandma gently pulls Jimmy’s back leg and teases him. This goes on for hours – the sweeping and teasing. This is quite incredible, because grandma is 97 years old.

In the summer Jimmy likes to lie in his mailbox. Dave and Kathy covered an old mail box and nailed it down to a scratching post. Jimmy likes to sleep in the mailbox, but sometimes he has guests like Merlin who take over this summer home.

At times Jimmy can be a mischievous cat and is usually responsible when things go missing. Jimmy takes little things like bookmarks, a sock, a duster, little craft projects, etc. No one ever sees him taking the objects, but he is suspected.

Another one of his bad habits is dumping a glass over when it is full of water. However, Kathy and Dave can’t stay angry at Jimmy for long. Jimmy has a really cute trick that he does which is standing up on his hind legs like a Prairie dog and begging for treats. He is happy in his new home and fits right in with the rest of the cats. He wrestles with Merlin and chases Rosa for fun.

Jimmy’s real name is “James the Red” which fits in with the Medieval names that the other cats have. On the whole he is quite a character. He likes to rub on people’s feet and “wash” them. However, he is also a sensitive, nervous cat as well and has to be handled gently. Jimmy fits in well with our family of felines and we are very glad that we rescued him from the shelter. He provides us with tons of affection and a lot of laughs.

Katherine Tapley-Milton is a freelance writer with 35 years experience and a Masters degree. Her recent books are: Devotions With Your Cat (inspiration for 365 days a year);  The Adventures of Sir Lancelot (children’s action book series);  The Adventures of Magic Merlin (children’s action book);  Mind Full of Scorpions (memoir); and Words from the Madhouse (a series of articles on mental illness). Most of her books are available on Amazon Kindle. Katherine is currently seeking new projects and will write your memoirs or tell your story. You can contact her by email at or find more information on her website.