MYPIE Awards Nominations

On Saturday April 16th, the network of Miramichi Young Professionals and Involved Entrepreneurs (MYPIE) will be hosting its third Awards Gala Ceremony at the Beaverbrook Kin Centre. The evening will focus on the presentation of awards for outstanding achievements in the following three areas: MYPIE Entrepreneur of the Year, MYPIE Professional of the Year, and MYPIE Community Champion of the Year.

We invite you to be a part of our Gala, if you would like to purchase tickets or a table, please contact Shannon Daley at 506-778-5299 or email:

MYPIE is seeking nominations for the awards.  We ask that all nominations be submitted on or before Wednesday, March 16, 2011 (noon).

To be eligible, candidates must be residents of the Miramichi, or surrounding areas, for at least two years and be preferably 35 years old and under. Each award has other specific criteria that must be met. Winners will receive a trophy as well as a significant prize package deal.

The selection committee will consist of representatives from the business community and organizations of the Miramichi area. Eligible candidates can submit their applications through an open-nomination process.  A candidate can submit their own name or a third party can submit on their behalf.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Shannon Daley at 506-778-5299 or Joseph Foster at 506-352-0603.

MYPIE Entrepreneur of the Year

This award recognizes and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and success found within our younger demographic on the River. Determination, dynamism and innovation are all words that represent well the young people involved in the business community of the Miramichi.

MYPIE Gala 2011 Nomination Form Entrepreneur

2010 Winner:  Wesley Cabel, Portage Restaurant
2009 Winner: Brian Siddall, Trinity Sounds

MYPIE Professional of the year

This award recognizes a young civic-minded person that has excelled in their career or industry to date. Whether the achievement touched the lives of a few in your office or of many in the community or in the field of work, this person has the dynamism, positive attitude and drive to excel at what they do on a daily basis. Simply put, this person is an example to all in their fields.

MYPIE Gala 2011 Nomination Form Professional

2010 Winner:  Michele Bushey, Addiction and Mental Health Services
2009 Winner: Lisa McCormack, realtor

MYPIE Community Champion of the year

Community involvement is a trait that we find in all demographics; this award has been created to specifically recognize the drive, generosity, and commitment displayed by a young person in their community. Whether you are a high school student or a professional with 10 years of experience, you must have shown outstanding community involvement, leadership, and a civic-minded attitude. You are one of the “doers”, a mover and a shaker that embraces community spirit and to whom the word volunteer really comes as a second nature.

MYPIE Gala 2011 Nomination Form Community Champion

2010 Winner:  Allyson Paradis
2009 Winner: Veronique Arsenault