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7th Day of Christmas: Angel Robe

Angel Robe By Jacinta “Momma,” yelled five year old Sebrina, as she rushed through the door. “I’m gonna be an angel.” Then she giggled, “I mean an angel, in the Christmas play. Mrs. Kathy chose me. It is the specialist part in the whole play.” “Most special,” corrected her mother, Audrey. “Do you have to… Continue Reading

4th Day of Christmas: Let it Snow!

Let it Snow By Anne Lindert-Wentzell I, admittedly, live a frigid lifestyle. I’m not the best conversationalist. In fact, you won’t hear a murmur out of me. Unless of course we meet, unexpectedly, on a cold winter evening, and you’ve partaken in too much holiday cheer! I’ve been known to be a womanizing, alcohol drinking… Continue Reading

3rd Day of Christmas: My Mr. Claus

My Mr. Claus by Kim Drisdelle As I search through my boxes to gather up Christmas ornaments, I slip back in time. I find myself thinking about the many sacrifices my parents, like many parents, make for their children during this ever so meaningful time of year. Over the years, Santa has become the human… Continue Reading

2nd Day of Christmas: Christmas Tuning

Christmas Tuning By Cindy Rule Last Christmas season, about a week or so before the big day, while my daughter Sorcha was eating dinner and I was washing dishes, we started talking about Christmas songs I’m not a big fan of.  The list is many and my reasons lengthy, but what it boils down to… Continue Reading

1st Day of Christmas: My Dancing Snowman

My Dancing Snowman By Myrna Beth Lambert I have celebrated many special Christmas holidays, but I will always remember the Christmas of 1946. I was seven years old and it was my last year of childhood innocence, although I didn’t know it at the time. I believed in Santa, the tooth fairy and magical, dancing… Continue Reading

WFNB Writers Competition Now Open

The Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick (WFNB) is now accepting submissions to its 2012 Literary Competition with greater cash prizes to be won. The non-profit organization has increased its prize purse to $1,700 for top entries in the contest’s prose and poetry categories. The competition is open to all New Brunswickers and members of WFNB.… Continue Reading

Colouring Fun for Kids

We’re full of the Christmas spirit this year at Bread ‘n Molasses and we thought we’d pass it on! So here’s a wonderful little holiday activity you can share with your kids. Click on the picture of the gingerbread house below to make it bigger, then print out as many copies of the drawing as… Continue Reading

Employment Opportunity: Cinema Production Instructor in Regina

DEPARTMENT OF MEDIA PRODUCTION AND STUDIES – University of Regina Application Deadline: January 16, 2012 Applications are invited for a 10-month term appointment in the area of Cinema Production at the rank of Instructor III to commence August 1, 2012. The Department of Media Production and Studies is dedicated to teaching cinema, video and… Continue Reading