artsnb Grants Awarded

The New Brunswick Arts Board (artsnb) has released the results of its February 1st, 2010, Competitions. Grants totalling $130,375 were awarded by juries of professional artists under two funding programs.

Twenty-five students will receive awards under the Arts Scholarships Program. The program recognizes and encourages New Brunswick students who have demonstrated exceptional talent and who are pursuing a career in the arts. Students can receive up to $2,500 for full-time studies in the arts and $1,000 for part-time or short-term studies.

Eleven Artist-in-Residence applications were also approved. This program provides opportunities for organizations in NB to host visiting artists for up to a year.

The deadline for the two programs was February1st, 2010. A Multidisciplinary jury composed of professional New Brunswick artists evaluated the applications.

The following students have received funding under the Arts Scholarships Program:

Classical Music

Andrew Appleby, Fredericton                        $2,500

Pierre-André Doucet, Moncton                      $2,500

James Fogarty, Moncton                                $2,500

Juliane Gallant, Riverview                             $1,000

Alain Gaudet, Moncton                                  $2,500

Aaron Good, Hanwell                                    $2,500

Anthony Savidge, Fredericton                        $2,500

Greg Webber, Fredericton                              $2,500


Kristen Bishop, Fredericton                            $2,500

Daniel Gallagher, French Village                    $2,500

Celine Gorham, Fredericton                           $2,500

Rachel Anne MacGillivray, Fredericton         $2,500

Alexandra Keely MacLean, New Maryland   $2,500

Leigh Merritt, Tay Creek                                $2,500

Deborah Payne, Saint John                            $2,500


Jane Alison McKinney, Rothesay                  $2,500

Alyson Miller, Colpitts Settlement                  $1,000

Literary Arts

Isabelle Claude Lévesque-Martin, Saint-Ignace     $2,500

Media Arts

Matthew Brown, Fredericton                          $2,500

Gabrielle Houle, Dieppe                                 $2,500

Visual Arts

Nicholas Frenette, Moncton                           $2,500

Karen Furlotte, Fredericton                            $2,500

Sarah Lillian, Hamilton, Fredericton               $2,500

Broderick LeBlanc, Fredericton                     $2,500

Shannon Randall, Fredericton                        $2,500

Artist-in-Residence Program Recipients

Classical Music

Université de Moncton, Moncton                      $10,000

University of New Brunswick, Fredericton       $9,100

University of New Brunswick, Saint John         $10,000


Les Productions DansEncorps, Moncton        $4,200

Literary Arts

New Brunswick Museum, Saint John,                                                           $5,000

Université de Moncton, Département d’études françaises, Moncton             $5,000

University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Arts, Fredericton                          $10,000

Media Arts

Mathieu Léger, Moncton                    $5,000

Non-Classical Music

Galerie Sans Nom Coopérative Ltée, Moncton          $5,000


NotaBle Acts Theatre Company, Fredericton             $5,000

Société du Monument Lefebvre inc., Memramcook  $5,000

For information on these and other artsnb programs, visit or call 1-866-460-ARTS (2787), toll free within New Brunswick.