New This Year: Storytelling at Frye Festival!

Kay Stone (Photo by: Sam Baardman)

Stories, tall tales, and fables will have their place in the sun during this year’s Frye Festival in Moncton. On Tuesday, April 20th, the public is invited to an evening of storytelling starting at 7 pm at the City Grill (2nd floor). Storytellers will share stories of times past and extravagant and wonderful adventures. The evening will take place in English and in French and is “Pay What You Can”.

Kay Stone, André Lemelin, Nelson Michaud, Robert Richard, Anita Savoie, and Gilbert Sewell will all be on stage during the evening hosted by Acadian folklorist Ronald Labelle.

Kay Stone, a folklorist specializing in folk tales, has 30 years of experience as a storyteller. She has given performances and workshops in Canada and the U.S. Kay has written three books that include her original stories. André Lemelin strings his stories end to end, in the manner of our storytellers of old, with simplicity and generosity. Stories are interspersed with anecdotes and traditional tunes he plays on his harmonica. A humorous note weaves throughout.

Discovering new talent

For a second year the Frye Festival offers the chance to discover some of the province’s best new up-and-coming authors. Prelude: Emerging New Brunswick Writers will take place on Monday, April 19th at 8 pm at Moncton’s City Grill (2nd floor). On the stage for the evening: Carla Gunn (Fredericton), Vanessa Moeller (Fredericton), and Ryan Turner from Moncton (now living in Halifax). They will be joined by Dominic Langlois (Moncton), and Jean-Mari Pitre (Robertville). The evening will take place in English and in French and is “Pay What You Can”.

The Frye Festival takes place from Monday, April 19th to Sunday, April 25th in Moncton. Great authors from all over Canada and France will be in town for the event. Details on the program at Tickets for certain events can be purchased at