Poem — A State of Mind

A State of Mind

Lying back in my old recliner I reflect and meditate
on what I’ve done or haven’t, and, maybe – why?
It’s easy in my solitude as I think about what fate
has brought me to this here and now – and – sigh.

As one takes on the years, the long ago – moves close
’tis said — I can remember yesterday as well.
Does this belie the words that are said by most?
Or, is this a fact?  Is it just too early yet, to tell?

I have passed along advice on what I’ve learned
and heard it echoed to an even younger set
It’s satisfying that the knowledge was not spurned
Knowing that, thinking of my years, I’ll not fret

Ones age, I believe, is just a state of mind
Your old if that’s the way you feel – and cry
about tomorrow. Live today – the rest behind
There’s no need to sit alone and sigh

–Charles E. Frost