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To Play BIG you have to Be BOLD

Bold acts come from knowing deep within that you will be okay, no matter what. Bold acts draw on the experience and knowledge that you have the talents, capabilities and confidence to:

  1. Survive whatever is handed to you. That you have the perseverance, tenacity and determination to LIVE WELL and SUCCEED!
  2. Accomplish a task you may not know how, but in your heart you know that if you are given the knowledge, the guidance and teachers you can take the actions that lead to success.

I didn’t say you would be perfect. I wrote that you can take action. Each of us has experience taking bold actions. When we were toddlers we boldly stood up and took our first steps. It didn’t matter if we fell down. It didn’t matter if we were unbalanced, we took bold actions.

We took bold actions when we raised our hands in class and gave an answer, even if the answer was wrong we took action. We took bold action when we went for job interviews; showed up and presented ourselves.

Look back at your life and focus on the bold actions you have taken. If actions led you down the path of failure, be bold and stop going down that path. Instead, focus on the strengths you have gained.

I hear people say, “No I can’t do that I’ll lose everything,” yet when they find the courage to take action they didn’t die or lose everything. They may not have received what they were hoping but they survived. Some may have lost material possessions but, in time they gained so much more. I was there, I am there. Every day I put another foot in front of the other, I step out with faith. I expect big things and what I receive often is a string of little things. Good little things that are signals to me that I’m on the right path. I’ve laid everything on the line and with each step I get stronger, more confident and more focused. This is an ongoing process for you and for me.

You have to be bold and be willing to step up and take action.

B – Believe in yourself. Know that you are here to do something powerful. You have to look around and realize that you have talents, unique abilities and the creativity to decide what you want and what your life needs to look like for you. Have in your head a continued, persistent message that says, “You are here to create something and expand your reach. If not you, then who?” Remember, you are resilient.

O – Opportunities are given to those who are bold enough to go after them. If you can’t find a job, volunteer and share your brilliance, create something that will give value to others. Help someone grow their business, being active, creates energy. Share your work ethic and values with others so that people experience you. At work and in your business create opportunities, change your daily rituals. Walk the office and talk to people you don’t know, offer your insights or ideas in meetings. Call people in your network and build them up. Write your boss a note of appreciation (if they deserve it), we forget that our leaders also need our cheers.

L– Let other people know your talents, let them help you, let yourself out of your office and build leverage through relationships. Engage in conversations that build people up. Whining is not an option. Use your strengths to offer guidance, inspiration, and help. Let others know what you do and how you do what you do. Let your energy flow to others so they feel your energy. Leverage your connections, introduce people to each other. Share someone’s resume, enlarge your market.

D- Discipline and determination are key to being bold. It is the disciplined daily action of keeping on your mission or path that opens doors and opportunities. Time will come and time will go, just stick to your plan. Determine what industry you want to be in, what client you want to close, and who you want to meet. Plan your strategy and do it. You have control of your actions. You decide how determined you want to be, you decide on the disciplined action you will take. You decide, this is where your power lies.

Being bold is key to playing big. Being bold is what kids do every day when they are young.

Your life is yours and only you can decide where you will go. Live your life like the opening to Star Trek “boldly go where no man has gone before.” No one has lived your life and no one can.

Be BOLD, live your life.

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