Eleventh Day of Christmas

Golden Christmas Memories

Christmas lights sparkle like stars,
Reflected in his beautiful blue eyes,
In wonder he gazes at the spectacle
He helped Grammy and Grampy create.
His personal touch gives the tree
A somewhat lopsided effect,
For clusters of ornaments hang
In his favourite spot – one branch
Near the bottom, on the left side,
His little hands hold silver bells
Meant for the tree, but
He jingles them and laughs,
Dancing around the room,
While the Chipmunks sing
“All I want for Christmas”,
Rosy cheeks and wide eyes,
His excitement infectious!
His laughter contagious!
His presence enchanting!
We’re capturing these moments
In our hearts and in our minds,
For our beloved grandchild
Is giving us a precious gift,
Golden memories filled with joy,
That we’ll cling to and cherish
When his childhood has bloomed,
Like an opening rosebud,
And our little boy becomes
The man he is destined to be;
Merry Christmas my love,
From Grammy and Grampy!

© Annabel Sheila, Moncton NB