Ninth Day of Christmas


Lights, all colours, tinsel of gold
Garlands, each pole and post adorn
At most every twist and turn
Folk all scurrying to and from

Friends and neighbours, down the way
Shout Merry Christmas! Hear that cry!
Deep from the peoples heart and soul
The wish that’s echoed far and nigh

The spirit of yuletide saturates the air
Childrens’ voices, loud with glee
Guessing the presents, size and shape
As they romp around the Christmas tree

Through the merriment another sound
Fills the air with music, soft, and clear
Silent Night, a hush, none, can compare
Our Jesus, abides with us, no need to fear

Christmas is for children, one cannot deny
Our life is bound around them,
As it was The Child, those years ago
Those are my beliefs, as I put my pen aside


© 2009 Charles E. Frost