Monthly Archives: December 2009

Seventh Day of Christmas

Christmas Long Ago Warm memories of Christmas long ago, Fill my heart as the season draws near. Mom and Dad and seven of us, All filled with Christmas cheer. Those weren’t the times of plenty, Our presents from Santa were few. But it didn’t seem to matter at all, We had love and happiness it’s… Continue Reading

Sixth Day of Christmas

Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies Carol Gillespie tried this recipe from her sister-in-law and decided it was so delicious and easy to make that she would share it with our readers. A wonderful holiday treat! Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies 1 cup very finely ground almonds 1(16oz) container of dark chocolate icing 4 tablespoons(1/2 square of margarine) at room… Continue Reading

Fourth Day of Christmas

The Christmas Angels by Myrna Beth Lambert It was a picture book Christmas Eve. Snow was falling and lawns were covered in white. Homes were framed by the coloured lights of evergreens and lawn decorations. Six carolers, three men and three women dressed in green velvet coats, stood before the old house on Littlewood Avenue… Continue Reading

Third Day of Christmas

Christmas on a Shoe-String Budget when your String is Frayed and your Shoes have Holes in Them by Angela McAffee I’m not rich yet. I tried to pretend to be middle class for awhile but they threw me back when they realized I couldn’t afford a PVR. Needless to say, I’ve learned some tips and… Continue Reading

Second Day of Christmas

A Priceless Christmas Gift Faded tinsel from an ancient box too long in the attic, Delicate glass ornaments; most of them intact, One screw missing from the old tree stand, Red paint worn off most of the lights, The fragrant scent of the fir tree Permeates the warm air in the little house. She’s tired,… Continue Reading

First Day of Christmas

Nicholas, The Most Popular Saint By Katherine Tapley-Milton Saint Nicholas is a third century saint best known for his secret acts of generosity and his special concern for the poor, those on death row, sailors, and children. In Greek his name means “victory of the people” and his Dutch name “Sinterklass” has been translated into… Continue Reading