Monthly Archives: October 2009

Come Home to the River McNamee 2009

by Viola Savage In February 2008, several members of the Facebook group “McNamee on the Mighty Miramichi” began discussions regarding a McNamee reunion – perhaps an afternoon picnic at the Footbridge.  Support for this idea provided the momentum that brought us to August 14, 15, & 16, 2009 – a three day event packed with… Continue Reading

Confession Extends Live Bait Season

Confession, last year’s new play by award–winning Canadian dramatist Dan McIvor, opens a whirlwind 3-day run at Sackville’s Live Bait Theatre tonight at 8 pm. “This is the second in our October mini-series of three fresh, exciting, Maritime plays,” explains Live Bait’s Artistic Director, Karen Valanne.  “Sheldon Currie’s touching comedy, Lauchie, Liza and Rory, played… Continue Reading

Submission Call & Deadlines

12 Days of Christmas Bread ‘n Molasses magazine is gearing up for its annual holiday extravaganza “12 Days of Christmas” online! If you have a story (true or fiction), poem, photos, videos, songs, paintings, or any other work on a Christmas theme send it to us and your work might be featured on our website… Continue Reading

Poem – Signs

Signs Slowly, very slowly, it’s moving in, unnoticed ’til the sun uncovers it with its light in gold Lurking there betwixt the lush of green Is a hint of change, ruby red, and bold A challenge thrown to a season growing old As another arrives to take its place in line The green of the… Continue Reading

A Mighty Big Miramichi Adventure (Part 2)

by Kellie Underhill To read Part 1 click here. Unearthing a History Sammy discovered many interesting books and artefacts at the Tabusintac Library and Museum. He wondered if he was part of the Mi’kmaq First Nation. Many stories told about how the war between the Mi’kmaq and Mohawk ended in Tabusintac in the early 1700’s… Continue Reading

Cleaning Cemeteries for All Saints Day

by Irene Michel, Louisiana USA Down here in South Louisiana it’s still hot. It’s even hotter when you’re working outside doing manual labor. That’s what I would call washing and painting tombs, vaults and crypts in preparation for All Saints Day on November 1. It’s definitely not an easy task, but it’s one that’s taken… Continue Reading

Planting the Right Seeds

Pegine’s Motivational Times by Pegine Echevarria There is a quote that millions of people hear all over the world, “You reap what you sow.” The interesting thing about that quote is that most people are not farmers, therefore the process of sowing is an art that many are not familiar with. Many, many moons ago… Continue Reading

Feminism: Now Call for Submissions

The NSCAD feminist collective is seeking work by artists and writers across Canada (women, men, transfolk, radical feminists, closet feminists) in any media (time-based, new media, old media, print media, flat media, mass media, essays, rants, poems) addressing the title Feminism: Now. This juried show will take place December 1st to 12th 2009, concurrent with the 20th anniversary of… Continue Reading

Environmental Art / Landscape Management Course

Creating Natural Structures for the Garden This two day workshop at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College is for people who want to learn about the creation of garden items from natural materials. It is an opportunity to learn how to lead groups in creating natural garden structures using living willow. The Instructor: Deb Hart, a… Continue Reading

Recipes for Thanksgiving

With Canadians celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, Joan Cripps of Chatham, NB, shares some delicious recipes you might like to try for your family gathering. Pilgrims Delight Pumpkin Pie Soak 3 oz of pecans in 1/2 cup maple syrup for 1 hour. Pour pecan mixture into 9 ” uncooked pastry shell, pressing pecans firmly into shell.… Continue Reading