Poem– Yesterday In a Trunk

trunk Yesterday–In A trunk

A trunk left in my care many years ago,
long deceased, had no family, few friends

Photographs and letters, lie untouched
A quiet medley of memories of O’ so long ago
Faded pictures, cracked with age, so dry
Letters, addressed to some I did not know

Pencils, pens and empty spools for thread
Made me wonder,  who put all this aside
And why.  The mustiness betrayed the time
This trove of treasure in a trunk denied

Curious now, I lifted out a laden tray
Below, a mix of color, red, blue and yellow
Met my eyes, toys and, oh so much more
Dressed up dolls, baby clothes, discolored

Slowly, reverently, I closed the lid–cried
Thinking of the memories- trapped inside
The letters and the photos were in the tray
that lie there for years, not mine to invade

Now the dark of night has turned a’glow
The memories have all gone to their ends

–Charles E. Frost © 2009