Poem – Signs



Slowly, very slowly, it’s moving in, unnoticed
’til the sun uncovers it with its light in gold
Lurking there betwixt the lush of green
Is a hint of change, ruby red, and bold

A challenge thrown to a season growing old
As another arrives to take its place in line
The green of the waning season will hang on
Tenacious, on the shed’s old clinging vine

Time however, will take its toll untamed
Green leaves soon lose their color, turn to red
The look of fall will appear in all its glory
As summer fades, trundles off to bed

Fall’s a season of fun — and preparation
For the storms of winters cold, ice and snow
The winter season’s a boon for children
Sledding, skating, those things they know

Summer, fall and winter, we’re into spring
It brings some spice into our life and our livin’
As I see it now, Life, has four seasons
One time around – That’s all we are given

We are all brothers under the skin
Love your neighbor, if rich or if poor
If he’s in trouble, treat him as kin
Keep God in your heart forever more

Charles E. Frost
Copyright © 2009