Planting the Right Seeds

Pegine’s Motivational Times
by Pegine Echevarria


There is a quote that millions of people hear all over the world, “You reap what you sow.” The interesting thing about that quote is that most people are not farmers, therefore the process of sowing is an art that many are not familiar with.

Many, many moons ago I was a student at John Bowne High School in Queens, New York for a short time. I attended their agricultural program (yes, I can do a comedy routine on that experience).

While I was there I learned about preparing the fields, sowing the seeds and harvesting the fruits of my labor. I was not cut out to be a farmer or continue my studies as an aggie (somehow Bronx girl to farmer Jane just didn’t feel right).

It wasn’t until years later that I connected the dots about that experience in my life. I had to learn the rules of sowing and how to plant the right seeds physically, then mentally and finally emotionally, so that I could share them with you.

Rule One:  Clear the land. Remove weeds, stumps, rocks and anything that impedes growth.

You have to look inward and clear your head. We all have weeds, stumps, and rocks in our head that impede our growth.

We learned rules as children that were for children, but not adults. Rigid rules can hinder our careers and relationships. “Be quiet” is okay for kids (sometimes) but as adults we have to speak up. “Don’t be a show off.” As adults you have to share your achievements and accomplishments – no one will do it for you. All of us heard family and cultural rules that don’t work in our adult lives. We have to change and clear our heads.

How do you accomplish this for your life? By reading, going to seminars, taking courses, joining personal development groups and hiring a coach. You have to know your thoughts, your beliefs and those that are working against you. Just like a hidden tree stump that you uncover once you start to dig, you will find hidden beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back, that is normal. Just dig, uncover, get the weeds out of the way and prepare for good things to come.

Rule Two:  Use fresh compost and clean soil.

Once we have cleared our minds we may find that we might need to change our environment, friends and associates. If we keep the same people, behaviors, and environment that held us back we will continue to impede our growth and will have to continually keep clearing our heads. People may want to hang on, protect you, or hold you back. Seek the people and places that reflect who you want to be. You will be uncomfortable for a while, but that will pass.

Rule Three:  Label your seeds.

You have to know what you want and be clear, in order to accomplish this task you need to write a plan. Define your plan with affirmation statements and post those statements on your computer, dream board, bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you will be consistently reminded of what you have planted in your mind. You won’t see the flowers (the results) for awhile, so you have to remember the seeds you planted and stay focused.

Rule Four:  Place the seeds in the ground.

This is your declaration. You are taking action by declaring to yourself and to the universe that this is what you want and will stay dedicated to its attainment. You commit to care for, nurture, and feed your dream. No matter what obstacles come your way, you will nurture your plan, your dream. You have made a commitment.

Rule Five:  Watch the water. Too much or too little is not healthy.

You have to have balance in your life. All work and no play is not healthy. Your life should be balanced so that you have health, love, wealth, joy and rest. The seeds will grow. You have to trust the process. You can stay focused and determined while loving, laughing and resting.

Rule Six:  Watch for predators (snails, rabbits, slugs, etc.)

Be vigilant regarding your thoughts. A word, an image or a momentary lapse of judgment can send your thoughts in the wrong direction. Keep negative thoughts at bay by reading positive, uplifting material. Stay away from negative news. When an influential person talks about how “THEY” (meaning some group or organization), are holding another group of people back, whether it is a newscaster, preacher or parent,  stop listening. Only you can decide what you want to reap. Don’t let predators into your mind. Stay focused on what you planted, nurture your dreams, keep vigilant and protect your dreams.

Finally, Rule Seven:  Reap what you sow.

After putting in the work to change yourself and implementing your plan you will reap the rewards of your harvest. Enjoy and appreciate what you have received.

However, don’t stop with just one planting. Just as farmers sow their seeds often, so should you. Each time you reap your rewards you can continue to sow bigger dreams and, in turn, your life will grow. It is time to step up and be the man or woman with big thoughts and accomplish big things with your life.

Here we go again…

Rule One: Clear the land. Remove weeds, stumps, rocks and anything that impedes growth.

You have to face yourself and decide to be bigger. We all have weeds, stumps, and rocks in our heads that stop us from being bigger than we are.

And so on… You have a bigger potential, keep sowing and reaping your rewards, the world needs your excitment and growth.

Pegine’s Thought of the Month:

“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.” ~ Napoleon Hill


Rule One: Clear the land. Remove weeds, stumps, rocks and anything that impeds growth.

Let’s move some earth and clear the land. Ask yourself the following:

What excuses do I use to stop me from going after my dream?

The kids, my mom, my husband, I’m not smart enough, rich enough, tall enough etc. Really look at the rationalizations and excuses. None of them can really hold you back.

Start really looking what you believe and then think, what can I do today?

  • Read a positive life affirming book.
  • Write out your dream.
  • Participate in a teleseminar, take a short one hour class or write a page of your book.
  • Think…”what I want for my life” and just sit in quiet contemplation.
  • Think good thoughts for five minutes, then ten minutes and so on.

Kick-butt action:

Rule Three: Label your seeds or rows.

Want to really kick butt? Go to your local Office Depot or Staples.

Buy yourself a:

  • Tri-Fold Foam And Project Board, 36″ x 48″
  • Easel to put your board on
  • Post pictures, words and dollar amounts that you want in your life. Be really clear: What do you want in your life? What do you want to achieve? Have? Receive?
  • Keep your board visible at home.

CAUTION: If you have people who will laugh or criticize your dreams DO NOT display your board, instead, create a photo album that you can look at. Keep it private and commit to reviewing it at least twice a day.

I have both. My photo album is over 20 years old, I love reading it and seeing how far I have come. It is truly a miracle!

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