2009 World Acadian Congress Launches World Map of Acadians

cap-acadie_logo Thanks to a partnership with CapAcadie.com, the 2009 World Acadian Congress (WAC) invites Acadians from around the world to register on the new Map of Acadians made available today on the CapAcadie.com and cma2009.ca websites.

As the 2009 WAC approaches, the Map of Acadians is a uniting project for the Acadian people. “Acadians are everywhere, in India, in China, in the United States, in Alberta, in Europe. The Map of Acadians is a way to show where we are, wherever that is,” says 2009 WAC general director, Robert Frenette. “It will be interesting to see how the map, a portrait of the Acadian diaspora, unfolds as days and weeks pass.”

“Share the map with your friends and your family, invite everyone to get on the map,” adds CapAcadie.com assistant director, André Wilson.

This tool’s design was made possible by a partnership signed by the Congress and CapAcadie.com. The partnership also includes webmaster services for the Congress website and many more services, such as web promotion and the design of technological tools that will be available to Acadians from here and abroad in anticipation of the festivities that will take place in the Acadian Peninsula this August.

One of these tools is Cap TV, a division of CapAcadie.com. Internet users will be able to contribute to the site by sending their videos filmed while getting to the Acadian Peninsula, during family reunions or during the WAC. This new interactive video hub is perfect to share good memories lived at the Congress and to post comments.

WAC Photo, another tool created as part of the partnership, enables visitors to share pictures taken during the Congress.  In a way, WAC Photo will be a guest book for the countless activities scheduled during the Congress, and will still be there after the festivities are over, becoming a souvenir album.

CapAcadie.com is delighted by the partnership signed with the 4th World Acadian Congress, a deal which gives the event a Silver partnership level. The collaboration announced today is of the utmost importance for CapAcadie.com. “We are proud to be able to support that important cultural event. We hope that our contribution will enrich the experience lived by the Acadian from all over,” says André Wilson.