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By Blake Lindsay People often ask me, “Why are you no longer a deejay on the air somewhere?” I’m happy to explain with a story that has an unenthusiastic beginning, however has a very positive reassuring ending like some of my favourite trials. If you are experiencing a career transition, or know someone who is,… Continue Reading

Le Violon fantastique

From August 8th to 19th 2009 Caraquet’s Old Convent will host Le Violon fantastique, a grandiose multimedia presentation. Inspired by an Acadian legend from the Catherine Jolicoeur Collection, the storyline depicts a bewitched community, a blacksmith who plays music, his eldest daughter, and a stranger with one goal: corrupting them. The Violon fantastique scenario is… Continue Reading

Art from Gloria Savoie

In the February/March 2009 edition of Bread ‘n Molasses magazine, we featured woodburning and other artwork from Miramichier, Gloria Savoie. Along with photos of her art we also published one of Gloria’s poems as well as information about the artist and her various work. If you missed that issue, you can still purchase a copy… Continue Reading

21inc Search for Top Young Leaders

21inc. launched a province-wide search for 21 enthusiastic and energetic young New Brunswickers on May 1st to participate in its 21 leaders program – a unique leadership development experience designed to give new and emerging leaders the tools, networks and confidence to make a significant positive impact in their careers and on the province. Participants… Continue Reading

Die-hards Only at First Swap Meet

by Peter James The rain came thick and fast the night before the first Swap Meet on May 2nd at Girvan Road, the same site as the annual Green Festival. The local roads reverted to swamps, but all this could not dampen the sheer determination of a few locals to hold the first Swap Meet… Continue Reading

Happy Mother's Day!

A Gesture of Love by Myrna Beth Lambert My mother, a single mom, was a career woman. She was Chief Executive Officer for a well-known cereal company and she never had time for her only child. I was raised by housekeepers and Nannies. We lived in a trendy neighbourhood in downtown Chicago where I attended… Continue Reading

For Mother's Day

Mommy Susie by Debby Frost We called our grandmother Mommy Susie. We called my grandfather Daddy Bill. Dad was Daddy Jack and Mom was Mommy Renie. She was born Susan Margaret Ross in 1901 at Oak Point and married Bill Bowie. A formidable woman, she was married at 18 to a man who was 14… Continue Reading