You Are Terrific!

Pegine Echevarria

Pegine’s Motivational Times
by Pegine Echevarria

Thank you so much for being terrific! Without you I can’t do what I do. I’m so thankful that you implement the techniques taught and that you are willing to see yourself and your potential.

Thank you for being focused on your growth. When was the last time someone thanked you for taking care of yourself. For reading material that supports the person you are and the person you are becoming?

Think of the last time you went around the office and thanked the people who work for you. Thanked them for the smile of encouragement they give you when you present a new idea. Thanked them for the frustrations they give you because it makes you stronger as you seek solutions to resolve their frustrating behaviors.

Have you thanked your kids for being…your kids? Did you thank them for their individual personalities and how they leave you in awe of the miracles they are? Thank them especially for the times when they drive you crazy and you find yourself behaving in a manner that is embarrassing to you. Those moments make you aware of areas that you need to change within yourself. You become better because of those experiences.

My children, now 20 and 22, have made me laugh loudly. When they remind me of the times that they were clowning around in a store or event and I would, with clenched teeth say in a low voice “stop embarrassing me”, I blush. I get teased royally about my “stop embarrassing” moments. Back then I was so concerned on what others thought of me and my family that I didn’t appreciate all the laughter, joy and fun my family was experiencing. People around us would be sour, stiff and boring , but my family was laughing and enjoying each other. Thankfully I’ve grown and choose to see the fun, joy and happiness everywhere – no matter what people think of me. Thank you kids for teasing me. The teasing reminds me how far I’ve come.

Do you take the time to thank yourself for the work you do, for the volunteer organizations which you give your time? Have you thanked yourself for the love and nurturing you give to your family? Take the time to pat yourself on the back.

Gratitude is a powerful process. Have gratitude for the time you spend with people. Gratitude changes behaviors, yours and theirs. It fills people’s hearts with joy. Gratitude allows us to appreciate all that we have…and each of us has so much.

Every day I take the time to be grateful. I start out with simple things and things just pop into my head. Here is an example of how my gratitude list starts and grows.

I’m grateful that I can read and write. I am so thankful that I can read a book, or email people. I’m so grateful that I can write this newsletter and share myself with others.

I’m grateful for my hands and my fingers that enables me to hold someone or scratch an itch.

I’m grateful for the sunlight and how it shines through our windows in Florida and makes everything bright .

I’m grateful for my wonderful clients who believe in my work and who see results.

I’m so grateful for the audience members who listen to my presentations and the organizations that hire me to speak to their people. Without them I am speaking to myself (like I do in my shower

I am grateful for the times I think to myself and communicate how grateful I am that I am alive and that I can serve and make a difference.

It only takes a few minutes and this powerful technique can change your perspective of your life, any situation and help you find solutions.

Gratitude lists works with teams, couples and individuals. It is a powerful tool to engage disconnected people. When people start writing their gratitude list their demeanor’s change. They don’t have to share, but by taking the time to write their gratitude’s they see situations, people and the world in a different way.


I play a game when I travel and I have so much fun. The game is to make an impact on another human by being really grateful for what they do. I have been at this for awhile and it has become a habit.

As you walk through your office, the airport or anywhere else, look for moments that you can say thank you. Not by rote, but with the intention of gratitude.

Let’s say that your are waiting for the elevator and another person is next to you. You both get on the elevator and she asks you for your floor and pushes the button for you. Your initial reaction is to say “Thanks.”

Change what you say, say thank you in a different way and really mean it. “That was really kind of you, thank you.” “You took care of me that really made a difference, Thank You.”

Watch how they react and respond to you. They smile bigger, they notice you more, their eyes and smile widen. You see them visibly become happier.

Notice yourself, because of their reaction to you, you change. You gain more energy, you are happier.

Be responsible. There are a lot of hurting and fearful people now. They feel disconnected and are attached to their worries. They need us to play this game more than ever. Lift their hearts and attitude by playing the Thank You game.

I am convinced that this diverse and challenging world needs each of us to play the thank you game more than ever.

Kick-butt action:

Think of 10 of the most normal things you did today that went unnoticed by you. Make yourself aware of how your life would be if you didn’t do them…life would be rough.

For instance:
1. If you didn’t brush your teeth how would your life be?
2. If you didn’t scratch that itch how would your life be?

After you made the list of things that you take for granted and listed how your life would be. Be grateful for the normal, everyday things that you do… because now you know how life would be without them.

Pegine’s Thought of the Month:

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.”
~Brian Tracy

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