Monthly Archives: June 2008

After All This Time

After All This Time, Ronnie and Julie, Sweethearts By Kellie Underhill This is the kind of story you find in great literature. The kind that gets adapted into award-winning films. It’s a story so wise bookshelves in libraries spill over with volumes on these same life lessons.  It’s a story full of strength, courage, hope,… Continue Reading

Death by Prom Dress

Death by Prom Dress by Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe The six o’clock news was almost over when I heard the reporter talking about graduations and careers. Then I realized the focus of the piece was on prom dresses for the young ladies and the pursuit of  the best prom dress ever made. A group of graduates, filled… Continue Reading

Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers By Blake Lindsay Our Heavenly Father answers many prayers. I used to pray that I would be guided to find a kind loving wife and in return I promised to be a faithful loving husband. In July 2000, while living in Dallas and employed with Bank of America and KISS-FM, my prayer was… Continue Reading

Midnight Super Smash Brothers Run

Midnight Super Smash Brothers Run By David Poirier I’m tired today! Yes, I realize that switching our clocks ahead last night to save that hour of precious daylight, is part of the reason, but the big yawns this morning are a result of the debut of Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo Wii! My son, Dan,… Continue Reading

Dangers of Living on the Prairies

 Dangers of Living on the Prairies By Lois Bourque My name is Lois Bourque (Cripps). I was born and raised on the beautiful Miramichi, daughter to Ray and Joan Cripps. I married Patrick Bourque from Saint John. In June 1980 we decided to leave New Brunswick and move to Alberta. We live just east… Continue Reading