Monthly Archives: June 2007

My Examination Tap Dance

My Examination Tap Dance by Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe’s school photo. I have always suffered with exam anxiety. This condition has caused me hair-raising moments, physical ailments and absolute horrors of the mind. What escapes me is why? I recall a day in grade nine when I was so physically sick I could scarcely wait… Continue Reading

The Telephone Pole Melee

The Telephone Pole Melee by Christopher Clunas A pileated woodpecker hammers the telephone pole. A flicker of black passing by the window caught my eye. Probably just a crow, I thought. But then a familiar sound—a loud kik kik kik kik kik—caused me to stop my work. A pileated woodpecker was nearby. I stood up… Continue Reading

Grocery Day

Grocery Day By Sandra Rita Reed When I was growing up, the larder was usually pretty bare by the time my mother made her grocery list. Of course we still had the essentials, like bread, milk, flour and Quaker Oats but when we saw her scribbling on the back of an envelope or scrap piece… Continue Reading

My Father

My Father By Charlene Daley He stood almost six feet tall and weighed well over 200 pounds. He had a ruddy complexion and  kind eyes. I could confide in my father about anything. When I was little and there were forest fires he would kneel with me as I prayed asking our heavenly Father for… Continue Reading

Keeping the Ancient Ways Alive

Keeping the Ancient Ways Alive – Alec Lawson Tuckatuck Pursues His Passion & His Destiny By Kellie Underhill It’s a drizzly autumn day when the taxi drops me off in front of the house on the north side of Fredericton. I’ve come the three and a half hour bus ride from my home in Sackville to… Continue Reading