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PFLAG: a community of support in New Brunswick

PFLAG: a community of support in New Brunswick by Janet Hammock   “Hello?”      Silence. “Hello?” “…Ummm, hi…” “Hi!” “…Uh…. is this, uh, PFLAG?” “Yes. Can I help you?” “Ummm… I don’t know. I saw your number in the paper…” “OK. Right. (Pause) Are you thinking about coming to a meeting?” “I don’t know.  I don’t know…” Silence.… Continue Reading

Close to Home

Close to Home by Valerie Poulin I imagined the headline in my travel diary. The entry would read: On Wednesday, October 11, 2006, a plane flew into an apartment building in Manhattan, New York.   In town on a break from a particularly gruelling writing contract and looking to connect later that night with a small… Continue Reading

Courageous Lifestyle Changes

Courageous Lifestyle Changes by James E. Sellars In my travels I have met many interesting people and one of the things that strike me is the courage many of them have shown as they “changed their lives.” Don’t get me wrong I’m not offering a value statement here about the absolute need of everyone to… Continue Reading

Shopping Local Benefits Everyone

Shopping Local Benefits Everyone by Natalie Walsh Buying a new car? Need legal advice? Can’t wait to get the latest pair of Tommy jeans? Take a moment to think about how your purchase decision will affect Miramichi if you shop local or travel abroad. For the purpose of this story I will relate to Louie… Continue Reading


Kaleidoscope By Sandra Rita Reed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  You know what they say about hindsight—it’s 20/20. But I never really got the gist of that. What I do know is that when your children are all grown up and perhaps living far away, don’t be surprised if you wish them small again. Sometimes I would give my right… Continue Reading