It’s All About Love

It’s All About Love
by Jeannine Watson

We are creatures of love and affection, even in the worse of us are tiny fragments of wonderful treasure. Treasure that subsists but remains dormant, sometimes demonstrated at the most unexpected times.

In the rush of everyday living, still always, love is the deep needed goal of our lives. That is why we are called humans. Look around—people need people. How wonderful it feels to be loved! How wonderful it feels to be in love! How good it feels to love someone! That is how human life started. If not for love we would not exist.

Also, we have to be able to love ourselves. We must have confidence and respect for ourselves, before we are capable of truly loving others. Because we have pride in ourselves, we want to be successful at whatever we hope to achieve. Helping others gives you a sense of wellbeing. So in turn, you actually help yourself too. To feel good about yourself is one of the key emotions to awaken your heart to love. From every glorious sunrise to every peaceful sunset, life should be about loving one another.

Even those that take the wrong road feel a passionate need in the inner core of their hearts to love and be loved. And if it doesn’t happen for them, then perhaps they have lived a life of confusion and concealed needs. Maybe they have missed the best life has to offer.

Anything that is alive has emotions and needs. I’m getting to the point now that if I see a tiny spider in my apartment, I don’t want to kill it. I think, “Poor little spider . . . it wants to live too!”

We arrive on this beautiful planet conceived by love. And so we should live our lives in the ambiance of love.

I’ve always said families that play and have fun together remain close and communicate often. Families should plan quality time to spend together. Family first should be the motto.

We may be living separate lives but in the end we will all be together. The true evidence of this effort is proven time and again in horrific tragedies. Suddenly, all unite.

Life, it’s truly all about love.

Jeannine Soucy Watson was born and raised in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. She has been writing for ten years, mostly poems and motivational material. Her poetry has appeared in La Cataracte and Victoria Star. An avid songwriter, Jeannine’s songs have been published and recorded on a demo by Paramount Group Recording Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Email Jeannine at