Three Poems

Three Poems
By M.S. McLeod



Understanding seeps across the room                                                                                               

like warm blood,

coagulating around the shapes

hunched over the desks,

waiting for the light

to click on in the brains

thirsty for answers.



Slowly, very slowly,

bits and pieces that are part

of the person you have been

begin to fuzz, then disappear,

like erasures                                                                                                            

from a printed page

that can change

the shape and character

of the text,

until finally,

it ceases to exist altogether.


Is it time?

For a long time

I thought I was immortal—                                                                                                                                

well, not really immortal,

just unlikely to die for years and years and years.

And then, as I got older,

I knew I would die . . . eventually . . .

but that was sometime

in the distant future.

And now, I am afraid,

for there is a good possibility

that eventually is right around the corner, and I don’t know where to go from here.

M.S. McLeod is a writer-broadcaster and author of Is It Just Me…Or is Everyone’s Life Like This? as well as short stories for children and adults performed by the author on CBC radio. A New Brunswick native, McLeod has lived and worked in Nova Scotia for the past 30 years.