Monthly Archives: December 2006

Rockin’ Grandma

Rockin’ Grandma by Sandra Reed I’ve been off my rocker for many years now, but that all changed today. I was shopping for an armchair for my living room—a La-Z-Boy or a wingback—when I literally tripped over a rocking chair. It was a beauty—solid maple with carved spindles and a paisley print seat cushion that ran… Continue Reading

My Father’s Eyes

My Father’s Eyes By Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe Dad, when his blue eyes sparkled! The work day was over and I jumped into my car ready to run all the necessary errands on my list. Immediately I was struck by the smell of leather. The leather seats, after sitting for a day in the sun-filled car, had… Continue Reading

Rose Coloured Glasses, Live Well

Rose Coloured Glasses, Live Well by Pegine EchevarriaWhat colour glasses do you have on? There is a saying “looking through rose coloured glasses.” It is usually referred to when someone is only looking at the positive and not “reality.” I remember being reprimanded by a teacher for seeing life through rose coloured glasses. She wanted… Continue Reading

Always a Miss

Always a Miss by Matano Lipuka Mum was in the kitchen when Jane came in again today. She likes having her around. “Glad you could come, just in time for dinner and today you are not going to say no. I prepared it early so you could dine with us, and as your teacher I’ll… Continue Reading

Three Poems

Three Poems By M.S. McLeod   Understanding Understanding seeps across the room                                                                                                like warm blood, coagulating around the shapes hunched over the desks, waiting for the light to click on in the brains thirsty for answers.   Erasure Slowly, very slowly, bits and pieces that are part of the person you have been begin to… Continue Reading

Grand Falls, Unassuming

Grand Falls, Unassuming Salvation in Small Doses by Alexandra Chasse May 20, 2006: Salvation refers to deliverance from an undesirable state or condition. — A few weeks ago I was headed home at night along Interstate 66, which links northern Virginia to Washington, DC. The drive home was about 25 minutes, so I began… Continue Reading