Monthly Archives: October 2006

Poppy Lowe’s Masterpiece

Poppy Lowe’s Masterpiece By Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe Abram Lowe Abram Lowe, known by most people as Abe or Uncle Abe, was born in Shoal Harbour, Trinity Bay in 1901. His father was John Lowe, who had moved his family from Hants Harbour to Shoal Harbour in the late 1800s. Abram Lowe is known as Poppy Lowe… Continue Reading

Katrina, One Year Later

Katrina, One Year Later by Lance Pitre Today, August 29, 2006, is the one year anniversary of the day that Hurricane Katrina struck the Louisiana/Mississippi Gulf Coast. The effects of the hurricane are still felt in the entire Gulf Coast region. People are still without homes and jobs. Much of the New Orleans population has… Continue Reading

Walking or Repenting?

Life Happens Walking or Repenting? by Wendy Astle How many of you are into walking? I have just started this little trend a few months ago. I don’t know if it was Spring Fever or what, but I felt compelled to get out there and give it a go. Now, I’ve never been one to exercise… Continue Reading

Attention Mothers: Make Time for You

Attention Mothers: Make Time for You By Dr. Jason Plotsky I have had the privilege of taking care of many mothers in our clinic and have noticed certain trends. One of the most obvious things I have noticed is that the rest of the family’s problems and health challenges tend to come before the mom’s.… Continue Reading

Change, Culture and Leadership

Change, Culture and Leadership By Brian Donovan                    There are a number of components that make a community what it is at any given point in time. To see a community evolve, in a positive way citizens must deal with four essential elements: Change, Morale (or Attitude), Culture and Leadership. I want to discuss… Continue Reading

The Wicked Tide

The Wicked Tide by Christina Decarie When Sal’s body finally washed ashore, he was all torn up. “From the grapplin’ hooks,” the fishermen said. “They just didn’t get a good grip of him, is all. But they grazed ‘im. Right where that capon crowed.” And the fishermen nodded and looked at each other knowingly. But… Continue Reading